Explore Your Inner World of Dreams

Understand what your dreams bring to you

Six 90-minutes on-line sessions.  Meeting times will be determined when we have a few individuals committed to attending these six 90-minute on-line sessions.  Sliding scale $40 to $60.

If you are interested in this dream study, please contact Marilyn.


Learn guidelines for capturing the content and feelings of your dreams. After the first meeting, everyone is encouraged to keep a dream journal.  


Dream study touches on many aspects.  Each session will include discussion on a topic such as the types of dreams, ways to approach dreams, and how to understand what information your dreams may want to reveal to you.  


Each session will include time to work with one or two dreams that participants are willing to share.


Learn how to unpack the dream messages, how to let the symbols speak to you their message, and to find the deeper meaning of that dream for the individual and the group.