Full Moon Meditation

All are welcome to anchor the incoming energies of the full moon. During a full moon, contact and communication is available between humanity and higher centers. This opens a channel between humanity and the Source of Life and there is an opportunity for regeneration.


One can contact a new and greater vision and align on the path of evolution and service. The moon is acknowledged as a feminine influence that controls the tides, the fluids of the body, and the emotions. By being aware of the time of the full moon, we can enhance our spiritual life and ‘touch the hem of the garment” of our soul.

The full moon is a period when tje inflowing energies carry the specific qualities to establish "divine attributes" in the consciousness of humanity. As aspirants and disciples we seek to channel the spiritual inflow into the minds and hearts of men, and thus strengthen the link between the human kingdom and the Kingdom of God.

Preparation and self-observation become keys to expansion and handling the incoming forces appropriately.

Our on-line guided Full Moon meditation date and time will be near the full moon date. Upcoming Full Moon dates are:  July 4th, August 3rd, September 1st. 

No fee for these guided meditations.

Contact Marilyn for details to connect by WebEx Meeting.


There is a suggested personal preparation and integration practice that can be practice 3 days before, on the day of, and 3 days after the full moon.  If you would like instruction on this personal practice, Marilyn will provide that information.

A main source of this information comes from the book The Book of Rituals by Reverend Carol E. Parrish-Harrah.