Christianity as a Transformational Process

Talk by Rev. Carol E. Parrish, Ph.D.

When we say we are Christians what does that mean? Can it be social identify or are we saying we are transforming our life and living in a new way?


A Christian life without "dogma" and "doctrine" introduces an awareness that has something else can guide us.


Recorded Nov. 25, 2008, Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento, California. 


Audio recording of  Rev. Carol E. Parrish, Ph.D.


In 2008, Marilyn invited Carol to speak at Trinity Cathedral.   Rev. Carol Parish is the founder and Dean Emeritus of Sancta Sophia Seminary. She is the retired pastor of the Light of Christ Community Church.  As a seminary student and graduate, Marilyn studied with Carol beginning in 2002. In 2007, Marilyn was ordained by Carol. If you would like the 2 CD set of the entire talk, please contact Marilyn.