Our Father

(Aramaic transliteration)


O, Supreme Consciousness,
from whence
the breath of life comes,
that penetrates all worlds with
sound, light
and vibration,
may Your sublime
and deep light
be lived.
Your Celestial Kingdom
is approaching,
may Your Will become reality
in the Universe
as on the earth.
Give us wisdom
in our daily needs,
free us from the ties
of the faults
that imprison us
as we free the sins
of the others.
Do not allow us to get lost
in the superficial things,
but allow us to be free
from that which takes us away
from our true purpose.
From You comes the
All Embracing Will,
the vivifying power to act,
the song that beautifies all
and renews itself
from time to time.
Confirming in trust,
faith and truth.




The Lord's Prayer sung in Aramaic, the language in which Jesus spoke.