Prayers for a Holy Life

by Torkum Saraydarian


Each of us in our desire to be a holy one must cultivate the consciousness that is clear and disciplined and an emotional nature that truly reflects the Light of the Soul.  These prayers are designed to turn our thoughts to the Holy, five times a day, and are designed to aid our transformation.


O giver of Light,
the Cosmic Beauty,
Permeate my whole nature with Thy Rays.
Kindle the flame on the altar of my temple.
So that I may live as a beam of light,
in beauty,
until the sunset
of the day
of my life.

9:00 am

O Sphere of Light advancing and elevating Goodness,
may my soul
rise with you
expressing goodness
in all of its contacts.


The flame of the Great
Presence in me,
let me stand
as a radiant fire
of righteousness
and during the days
of my life. 
Let me think, act and speak
in the spirit of righteousness.


My Lord,
thank you for the joy
of living today
in the spirit
of beauty, goodness
and righteousness.
May Your joy
radiate in other parts
      of the world
as the Sun
disperses the night
and brings the joy of 
      the day.
My Lord,
You are the joy
      of my heart.


My Lord
Let Your freedom
permeate my whole being.
Let me be free
from all worries and anxieties,
from all painful memories of the day,
from all attachments and identifications,
so that my soul freely soars
in Your temple of beauty.
Let me realize freedom
from my physical,
emotional and mental crystallizations
and be with you as a free soul.