Virtues Connection Sacramento Valley

Marilyn Buehler, M.Div. facilitates the Virtues Connection Sacramento Valley.  Marilyn holds group meetings for the Virtues Connection to share the strategies of The Virtues Project. Using exercises offered in the Family Virtues Guide or A Pace of Grace, the group practices and experiences the virtues.


The meeting may include:  An opening to honor the spirit, a Virtues Pick for the group or for each individual, speaking the language of the virtues, acknowledging the virtues in each other, and a closing such to express gratitude for the evening together.


The Virtues Connection Sacramento Valley was established October 1st, 2011.  Virtues Connections meetings are open to all.


See Calendar for "Virtues Connection" meeting information.

"Awakening Our Virtues" - 90-Minute Presentation for Your Group

Would you like an meaningful workshop on the Virtues for your group?  Contact Marilyn to learn more!  In a 90-minute presentation, transform your life in positive, profound, yet simple ways. 


Virtues are the universal threads found in all faith traditions and sacred literature. Qualities of the soul are expressed in our life as virtues.  Learn to awaken these soul qualities within ourselves and others.


Rev. Marilyn Buehler, M.Div. offers this 90-minute workshop to introduce several strategies of The Virtues Project—a global grassroots initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life.


Participants will leave with powerful tools to enhance their personal and professional life.  These strategies can easily be shared with others.


• Learn to speak the language of the virtues and create a culture of character and caring.
• Acknowledge the virtues in ourselves and each other.
• Cultivate respect and responsibility.


Experience the inherent grace found when focusing on the virtues, the “gifts within.”


When we live a life focused on developing virtues, we have a framework for a spiritual practice in our daily life.